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You would be surprised with how many people in your life could be going through depression at this very moment.  People hide it like a paper bag over their heads out of fear of being judged, made fun of, seen as weak, or just not taken seriously.  Depression should not be taken lightly, it holds us down from our purpose and potential in life.  Those who tell you that it doesn’t exist have never experienced depression in their life, therefore not understanding the symptoms and how it’s something that cannot be fixed in a day!  So if you think you are depressed or if you think you know someone else who is, please talk to a friend, a family member, or anyone else in your life that you trust - never overlook the possibility of seeing a doctor for more professional help!!  Your feelings are real, your feelings are shared upon millions.  Don’t hide it, talk to someone about it.  With the right help, you can rediscover your confidence and begin life anew with our undying love and support!

We are right here!!

  • emma watson:

    gets casted as the female lead in one of history's biggest movie franchises

  • emma watson:

    spends the next decade slaying as hermione granger

  • emma watson:

    manages to flim 8 movies as a teenager AND get amazing grades

  • emma watson:

    gets accepted to Brown, an IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITY

  • emma watson:

    overcomes the struggle of leaving home to go to college overseas

  • emma watson:

    completes her degree despite always having to deal with the fact that she's a huge celebrity among regular college students

  • emma watson:

    delivers an empowering, wonderfully thoughtful, honest speech about gender equality

  • emma watson:

    is intelligent, down-to-earth, kind and sweet

  • emma watson:

    is also ridiculously hot

  • emma watson:

    is perfect human

  • crusty men living in their parents basements:


  • crusty men living in their parents basements:

    i feel so threatened rn

  • crusty men living in their parents basements:

    let's leak her nudes




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Who wouldn’t want to work at Google? The whole HQ looks like an amusement park with FREE food 24/7 & if an employee of Google dies, their spouse will receive half their pay for 10 years as well as stock benefits, and any children will receive $1000 a month till they turn 19. Source

let me tell you a story about the google headquarters

so my uncle works for google and I went down to visit him once and he took my family on a tour of the google headquarters just for fun. there was tons of cool stuff and art and a random jungle themed room and the most crazy ass 360 degree google earth screen thing you ever saw

but you’d kind of expect all that right

but then I started to notice something kind of weird

there was a weird amount of rubber ducks? like. a WEIRD amount of rubber ducks. like typical yellow ones and camo ones and huge pink ones with bows and tiny donalds and pirates of the carribean themed ducks and bejeweled ducks with no explanation on nearly every surface

so i asked my uncle why there were so many ducks and this is what he said:

"google has a suggestion box for employees to use, and one time this guy got hired at google who had previously worked for another company. the other company also had a suggestion box but they never actually listened to any of the suggestions, so the new employee assumed that google would be the same way. so as a joke, he put a suggestion in the box at he google hq that said something along the lines of "great office but needs more rubber ducks." a week later, 5000 rubber ducks arrived in the mail"

google read this guy’s bullshit suggestion about ducks

and actually listened to it



Back To School  A super fantastic playlist for heading back to school. (Photo Credit: realizes) 

*Listen Here*

Campus - Vampire Weekend 
Falling - Haim
The Suburbs - Arcade Fire 
Cardiac Arrest - Bad Suns
High School Lover - Cayucas 
From Nowhere - Dan Croll 
New Slang - The Shins
High Road - Cults 
Wasting My Young Years - London Grammar 
Ready, Able - Grizzly Bear
Every Day - Magic Man
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight - The Postal Service
Save Your Scissors - City & Colour   
He Doesn’t Know Why - Fleet Foxes
I Spy - Mikhael Paskalev
Radioactive - Kings of Leon
Bad Habit - Foals
Led Zeppelin - Tame Impala 
Teenage Icon - The Vaccines 
We’re Going To Be Friends - The White Stripes 

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